...Or Does This Make You Scream With Outrage?

Thanks to Daily Kos for spreading the word... now it's our turn!

...Is This Our Quote of the Day?

"A presidential candidate who lightly commits to obliterating Iran - and, presumably, all the children, parents, and grandparents in Iran - should not be answering the White House phone at any time of day or night."

Those are the closing lines of a Boston Globe editorial entitled Hillary Strangelove.


...Or Is Hillary in My GPS?

We got a new portable Garmin GPS for our trip to Maui. After only three days we christened it "Hillary."

Three reasons:
1. She thinks she knows it all but she hasn't a clue about obstacles outside her script.
2. She just loves giving orders and she doesn't much care if they're the right ones.
3. Her favorite word is "Recalculating."


...Or Should We Send This Woman Money?

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...Or Is This Cost Way Too Freakin' High???

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