...Does This Say It Very Well?

As you may know, I’m running for the United States Senate in Oregon because I’m really worried about the direction of the country. We face an awe-inspiring quintuple challenge of ending the war, stopping global warming, combating runaway economic inequality, reforming the health care system, and preventing the national debt from soaring out of control. We need to get moving on all of those issues – and we needed to do so yesterday. To meet those challenges, we need political leaders who will be willing to take risks, willing to call for sacrifice, and be able to persuade the American people that their sacrifices will not be in vain.

That’s why I’m voting for Barack Obama.

The opening paragraphs of Steve Novick's Feb. 25 statement endorsing the Politics of Hope.


...Or Is Colene of NYC Our Kinda Girl?

Over on MSNBC they're running a story on this new Hill-Billy ad being run in the Austin/Akron/Altoona Axis states by a 527 that's gaming the election laws by raising $10M in $100,000 donations to fund the run. Colene from New York New York had this totally insightful comment: Tonya Harding didn't win the Olympics. Hillary Clinton won't win the White House.


...Or Is This The Essence of Miss McConnell?

This was produced by the crew at Roadblock Republicans who deserve your attention and support. They be very funny.


...Or Does This Make You Wanna Scream "Eeeeeewwww"?

Immediately after this picture was taken, Chimpy thumped St. John on the forehead and yelled "HEAL." When St. John fell writhing to the floor, Chimpy shrugged and walked away muttering "I don't git it. It always works for Oral."

I want to see this image on billboards all over the country this fall...

...Or Is This Cost Way Too Freakin' High???

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