...Or Is His Ignorance Showing... Again?

Appearing with Wolf Blitzer on the Situation Room today, Reverend Huckabee made the following remark "As Abe Lincoln said when he was run out of town on a rail, 'If it weren't for the honor of the thing, I'd just as soon it happened to someone else.'"

The gun totin' former Governor has confused a story Mr. Lincoln was fond of telling about an anonymous Illinoisian with something that he believes happened to Mr. Lincoln himself. Now, we all know that Mr. Huckabee has some bizarre and occasionally offensive beliefs, but somebody needs to educate him on this one...

...Or Is Darlene Missing Something??

OK. My household didn't underwrite Darlene Hooley's 2006 campaign, but we contributed a little over $100 to it. We did so even though we don't live in her district because we were appalled by the kind of nasty dishonest campaign that was being waged against her by those SwiftBoat bastards at the Economic Freedom Fund.

I also figured that a little donation might entitle me to communicate with her office on occasion. I was wrong.

Last week I sent Congresswoman Hooley a request that she support and perhaps sign on as a co-sponsor to Congressman Jason Altmire's HR 3793. The bill would require that the Pentagon pay their full enlistment or re-enlistment bonuses to service members who are unable to complete their tours of duty due to an injury directly related to their service. She's got an excellent record on behalf of American military members active and vet alike. When I finished my carefully worded email and hit the "send" button a message popped up on my screen informing me that if I lived outside the Congresswoman's district my email would be forwarded to my Representative.

Then I called the Congresswoman's West Linn office on Friday after Thanksgiving. It was closed for the holidays. I left a message suggesting that if Ms. Hooley was going to forward my emails to Congressman Wu, perhaps she'd be kind enough to do likewise with my contribution.

I have yet to get a response. I'm not holding my breath.


...Or Is This Giuliani's Next Claim??

Patriot Boy posts a series of suggested posters for Rudy's campaign, taking full advantage of all the former Mayor's accomplishments... including many we didn't know about but almost certainly will before the primary season fades into bitter memory...

Hop on over to Jesus' General for the entire posting of a half-dozen posters of this Glorious Hero's accomplishments!


... Is This the New Log Cabin Poster Boy??

Warning! This gives a whole new dimension to the phrase "beauty is skin deep." Good thing the kid's from Iowa not Idaho... or Larry Craig's stance would probably have to be described as Grand Canyonesque.

... Is This Part of the Abstinence Only Agenda?

First we had Dems under the thumb of His Arrogance of Obey offering the Republican'ts a $27 million increase in Abstinence Only Education funding (the first increase in 3 years) in order to seduce Congressional Christofacists into voting for his funding bill. That increase is still in legislative limbo but now, courtesy of the New York Times we find that in the name of "medicare reform," the Jeezhadists have stealth managed to raise the price prescription birth control out of the reach of innumerable college students and poor women. Email your Member of Congress about this outrage ASAP!


...Does This Say It Very Effectively?

This is another Portland product we're especially proud of. It was created by Adam Klugman's Progressive Media Agency. For more background on it, check out We The People.


... Or Is This Really What They Mean?

“Go above and beyond- a smile and a hello doesn’t cost anything.”

This is a quote from the current Wal•Mart TV ad that's in the mix for about the 21st cycle. All I can think of when I see it is that only at Wal•Mart could "a smile and a hello" be considered going "above and beyond." This is the same idiot ad that announces that a lot of people think that having a Wal•Mart open in your town is like getting a raise.

If I believed in the Semitic/Neo-Semitic god, I'd rest secure in the knowledge that Sam Walton is roasting alongside Milton Friedman in the hottest hole in Hell.

...Or Was This a Diabolical Plot?

A few more of these on Oregon's highways and the Yes on 49 campaign would have gone down in flames... I mean, not just California but Santa Barbara??? I can't help wondering if that was the plan.


....Or Is This The Best Job of Spreading Manure I've Seem Since My Grandad's Horse Went Lame?

Al Wynn is a troglodyte who's only in the Democratic Party because it gets him elected regardless of his consistently Republican Party-line votes. Fortunately, the Progressive community raised as much for his primary challenger, Donna Edwards, as The Pelosi Posse made for Big Al "Wynn At Any Cost."

Our thanks to Down With Tyranny for the tip and editing the Speaker's horse splat.

...Does Fox Make You Want to Shower with Industrial Solvent?


...Or Are These Just Lips on the Radarscreen?

Republican ladies are NOT born with thin lips!

Research newly published by The
Heritage Foundation posits the controversial theory that Republican ladies are not genetically pre-disposed to thin lips. After researching decades of photographs dating back to mid-19th century, including several generations of the same families, the foundation has advanced the controversial theory that while Republican women are notorious for their thin lips- Barbara Bush, Jean Schmidt, Phyllis Schlafly and Heather Wilson are offered as examples above- they are not born that way.

In this nature vs. nurture debate, the foundation report says that nurture is the cause for the condition known as RTLL
(Republican Thin Lipped Ladies) Syndrome. After observing "hours upon hours" of film and video of Republican women, researchers insist that the thin lips of most Republican women are a direct result of pressing them together in an expression of "prim distaste or grim disgust." As one proof of their theory, the researchers offered the following photograph:What? Wellllllllllllllll... the Senate minority leader may not be a Republican woman but Ms. McConnell is almost certainly a Republican lady!

...Or Is This Cost Way Too Freakin' High???

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