...Or Are These Just Lips on the Radarscreen?

Republican ladies are NOT born with thin lips!

Research newly published by The
Heritage Foundation posits the controversial theory that Republican ladies are not genetically pre-disposed to thin lips. After researching decades of photographs dating back to mid-19th century, including several generations of the same families, the foundation has advanced the controversial theory that while Republican women are notorious for their thin lips- Barbara Bush, Jean Schmidt, Phyllis Schlafly and Heather Wilson are offered as examples above- they are not born that way.

In this nature vs. nurture debate, the foundation report says that nurture is the cause for the condition known as RTLL
(Republican Thin Lipped Ladies) Syndrome. After observing "hours upon hours" of film and video of Republican women, researchers insist that the thin lips of most Republican women are a direct result of pressing them together in an expression of "prim distaste or grim disgust." As one proof of their theory, the researchers offered the following photograph:What? Wellllllllllllllll... the Senate minority leader may not be a Republican woman but Ms. McConnell is almost certainly a Republican lady!

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