... Or Does Wee Gordie Smith Make YOUR Skin Crawl?

When Big Hearted Ole Trent made his original comments, Wee Gordie was in New Zealand and released a statement denouncing the Senate Majority Leader's comments in no uncertain terms. Now that he "knows what they meant" he's totally in agreement....

I'd love to know if Wee Gordie, like his co-religionist Willard Romney, pulled his car over to the side of the road in 1978 and wept with relief when he heard that the Grand Wizards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would abjure the following tenet, explained in 1966 in a book on Mormon Doctrine by Apostle Bruce McConkle:

"Negroes in this life are denied the Priesthood; under no circumstances can they hold this delegation of authority from the Almighty. (Abra. 1:20-27.) The gospel message of salvation is not carried affirmatively to them... Negroes are not equal with other races where the receipt of certain spiritual blessings are concerned, particularly the priesthood and the temple blessings that flow there from, but this inequality is not of man's origin. It is the Lord's doing is based and his eternal laws of justice, and grows out of the lack of Spiritual valiance of those concerned in their first estate."

Wee Gordie spent the first 14 years of his life hearing this doctrine as the Word of God. It's sorta understandable if he's obviously flipfloppy about his feelings about Trent Lott's obviously flipfloppy approach to racism in America.

On the other hand, it could be that Wee Gordie, like Willard Romney, is a slick deceitful hypocrite of the highest (or lowest) order.


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