...Or Is This Woman After Dorothy's Shoes??

That's it.

After the past two weeks, I've made up my mind....
I will vote to put Hill-Billy in the White House only after I've made a meal of ground-glass covered (used) urinal cakes accompanied by a vintage bottle of battery acid and anti-freeze.

If she's the Democratic Party nominee, I'll skip the presidential race and move on down the ballot.

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Lil' said...

Agreed. I've been thinking the same thing for a while. :)

BTW-Would you be so kind to email me your email address? I'm the online director for Steve Novick and I want to let you know about a fun web action that we are going to do--I just don't want to write it publicly and would rather email it to you. My address is liz[at]novickforsenate[dot]org

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