...Or Does This Clear Up Some Confusion?

Over on Loaded Orygun, Portlandia offers a follow up to a post of some time ago in which she questioned Speaker Jeff Merkley about his positions on a couple of issues important to progressives. Her impression after her very short encounter was that Speaker Merkley's response was more Moderate Center than Proactive Progressive. She took a lot of flak for it from Merkley's Marauders.

Now Speaker Merkley has clarified some of those positions and.... wait for it... dang me, she was right! I'd encourage anyone planning on voting in the Democratic Senatorial primary to hustle on over and read her Merkley: No on Tax Fairness to Wage Earners and then follow up on the links..

You'll also find a post there from me with a very brief statement on tax fairness. A topic that's about to appear in a posting on this very blog.

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