... Or Beauty Should In Contest Be He?

Just Read It and Weep...

"This is absolutely another wonderful opportunity to enter public service at a different level, focusing on issues like globalization and issues that I think that I genuinely care about and I think have learned a lot about some expertise on now and try to carry that to a new level as we do try to educate our kids for a global economy," he said. "So that's something in the back of my mind that definitely interests me and the opportunity, and I think I would do a good job."

The beauty contest this came from is the race for Congress from the 3rd District of Minnesota. The "MC" was a reporter from from Minnesota Public Radio. The contestant is state representative Erik Paulsen who is described by Swing State Project as "the leading contender to replace retiring Rep. Jim Ramstad. Do I have to tell you he's a Republican?

Our thanks to Swing State and thru them to MNPublius who posted it first.

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