...Or Is This Woman After Dorothy's Shoes?

Back in the day, when Mayor Gavin Newsom started marrying same sex couples and found himself taking a ton of horsedoody from anatomically appropriate sources like Barney Frank and Diane Feinstein I wrote this pome:

Why would DiFi trash the mayor
Just for making marriage gayer?
The answer really shouldn't floor us:
Her nickname IS Diane-osaurous!

Now, California's very, very senior Senator has crossed the line to become the tie-breaking vote allowing the nomination of another Bush adminstration racist, sexist, homophobic legal genius to reach the Senate floor whereupon she joined with the Republicans to confirm him- he now has a lifetime pass to screw with the rights of women, minorities, and gays. In celebration, I'd like to offer this little doggerel–

"You'll lack this judge," ole Trent Lott told her
"He lacks his wimmen spry but older.
"He don't like blacks and just hates fags
"But he don't mind some droops and sags
"Nor wrinkles nor some dry foam texture..."
(Mind you this is pure conjecture)
"You do go on" Ms. Feinstein said,
"And it all goes straight to my head.
"But you know, Trent, you are da man
"Just tell me when to raise my hand."
She doddered off to her committee
Feeling youthful, even giddy,
And when the Dems refused to budge,
DiFi made a jerk a judge!

I'd encourage you to follow up on this story in a somewhat less polemic environment... over at Down With Tyranny.

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